Seychelles Digital Marketing Update: 2024 Trends & Strategies


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The picture of digital marketing and SEO in Seychelles is getting clearer by the day. With recent announcements, technology advancements, and emerging trends shaping the landscape, businesses are now presented with vast opportunities to harness the power of digital marketing strategies and SEO to boost their online presence. Together, we’ll embark on an insightful journey exploring these trends and understanding how they can shape your business’s future, using detailed research results and real-life case studies.

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Google My Business Profile Create Page

Google My Business Updates

A great piece of news starts with the new features introduced by Google My Business (GMB). Businesses can now respond to customer reviews, post updates and add photos directly from their desktop computers.

Implication: If you’re a business owner in Seychelles and haven’t yet claimed your Google My Business listing, now’s the time. It’s a perfect opportunity to enhance your online visibility while simultaneously engaging with customers.


Mobile-First Indexing

Another significant SEO update is Google’s move to mobile-first indexing. This essentially means Google will prioritize the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking.

Implication: What does this mean for businesses in Seychelles? It’s simple. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is no longer optional; it’s a must if you want to keep those search engine rankings high.

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Social Media Adoption

As reported by Hootsuite, social media usage in Seychelles has risen by 13% since last year with Facebook leading the way.

Implication: To reach and engage your audience in Seychelles, boosting your business’s social media presence is pivotal. Sharp, engaging content is the new currency of the digital age.

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Google Ads Updates

Google Ads brings a variety of new tools and updates aimed to enhance businesses’ reach, according to the recent announcement on the Google Ads platform.

Implication: To stay atop the competition, consider leveraging Google Ads for targeting local customers with the newly-revealed advertising strategies.

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Brand Consistency

Consistency in digital branding is crucial. As revealed by Brandwatch, an average consumer requires at least 5-7 interactions with a brand before making a purchase.

Implication: Businesses in Seychelles should ensure a consistent brand message, visual identity, and tone of voice across all digital channels to build trust and recognition.

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Video Content

Increasingly, video content proves to be a winning strategy on social media platforms, generating 12 times more shares than text and images combined, according to Hootsuite.

Implication: Consider allocating resources for creating engaging video content to enhance visibility and engagement with a larger audience.

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In Conclusion

These findings illuminate various opportunities for businesses aiming to thrive and stay competitive in Seychelles’ digital landscape. As business owners, understanding these marketing trends and incorporating them into your strategies is crucial. It has become evident that the digital marketing trends in Seychelles are evolving, with the introduction of AI automation, increased social media adoption, the importance of mobile-first indexing, and the emphasis on data-driven decision making.


Are you ready to steer your business into the future by embracing these trends and opportunities in the Digital Marketing and SEO Landscape of Seychelles?

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