Seychelles Scout Association

Case overview

At Sey C Solution, we believe in leveraging digital technologies to foster community engagement and growth. Our ongoing partnership with the Seychelles Scout Association stands as a testament to our commitment to this belief. With a focus on website development, digital marketing, and social media management, we’ve embarked on a journey to enhance the online visibility of an organization dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Brief

When we joined hands with the Seychelles Scout Association, they faced a significant challenge: a complete absence of a digital footprint. No website. No social media presence. Nothing. Collaborating closely with the Chief Commissioner and Youth Programme Commissioner, we set out to build a vibrant digital community from the ground up.

seychelles scout association website

Our Approach

Our strategy encompassed the development of a brand-new website and the establishment of official Facebook and Instagram pages for the Association. These platforms were not just meant to be digital placeholders; they were designed to engage, inform, and inspire current members, potential recruits, and the community at large.

The Results

The outcome of our efforts has been nothing short of remarkable. The Seychelles Scout Association now boasts a dynamic online presence that truly reflects the spirit and values of scouting. Through targeted digital marketing and consistent social media management, we’ve laid the foundation for a flourishing online community.

Our journey with the Seychelles Scout Association is far from over. Sey C Solution remains dedicated to supporting the Association’s mission of growth and increased online visibility. We are excited about the future of this partnership and the opportunities it presents to further impact the lives of young individuals positively.


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